Objective and Syllabus

Welcome to 1st Grade

Hello, my name is Mrs. Shaughnessy and I would like to WELCOME you to First Grade.

I have many years of experience teaching primary age students here at Northome School. I began my career with Kindergarten students and have been working with first grade children for the last several years.

Your child will learn through a variety of experiences in their first grade year. They will find success while reading at their level with peers in small guided reading groups. Math problems will be investigated with hands on materials AND their hands on pencils. We will discover the world through geography, history and science units.

Parents are always welcome to join us in our classroom for learning and fun.

Curriculum in Grade 1

Grade One Curriculum Overview

Our first grade curriculum is based on the Minnesota State Standards. 
Whenever possible we like to use hands on learning or outdoor education to enhance learning.

Programs Used
Language Arts
Daily Five and Cafe Reading Strategies
Making Meaning - Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
Being a Writer - Writing and Grammar
VoWac - Phonics and Spelling
Words Their Way - Word Work

Ready Mathematics
Bridges Number Corner

History and Geography
Minnesota State Standards 

Minnesota State Standards

I. Standards or Guidelines To Judge Legibility
A. Size
B. Shape
C. Spacing
D. Slant
II. Method
A. The Zaner-Bloser Manuscript Alphabet 



Homework Expectations in 1st Grade

Homework Expectations

First grade homework is not meant to take time away from family life. It should be a time in which parents and child sit down together to review math concepts, snuggle and read, or occasionally work on a project together.

Math homework will be assigned about 4 times per week. Please read the problems to your child and review their answers. Homework should be returned the following school day. If not returned, the child will need to use part of their recess or free time to complete it.

Reading homework may be a short story to share or a small assignment from our phonics program (VoWac). The more your child reads the more confident reader they will become.

Formal spelling tests begin later in the school year. Students will need to practice their words at home for tests on Thursdays and Fridays.

Incentive: Students who return their homework on time get to give themselves a stamp on their stamp chart. When their stamp chart is full they are allowed to pick from the prize box. Yeah!!!!

Classroom Discipline in 1st Grade

First Grade Class Rule

Mrs. Shaughnessy’s Expectations

Responsibility Slider System
To help students manage their behavior they will each have a class dojo avatar. Each morning their behavior points will begin at zero.  Students will strive to make their points go up with responsible behavior. When they demonstrate inappropriate behavior they will receive minus points.
At the end of the day each student who’s points are positive or green will earn a sticker or stamp for their behavior chart. 

Severe Clause
Any action that harms another individual either verbally or physically will result in the immediate removal of that student from the classroom. Parents will be notified.

Good behavior shown by the class will earn a classroom "brownie points". Poor behavior will earn the class a  class minus point on the class dojo program. . Filling their pan with brownie points earns the class a BROWNIE PARTY.

Other Possible Rewards - extra free time, stickers, treats, prizes, brag notes to Mom or Dad, and stamp charts.

Learning Programs

Current Programs

VoWac - Vowel Oriented Word Attack Course
VoWac provides instruction in word pronunciation and spelling strategies. The best learning strategies are built on a strong foundation. The foundation of the VoWac program is CLOVER (recognition of the six basic vowel patterns), understanding spelling rules, and the organization of sounds that can be spelled more than one way.

Guided Reading
Students will work in small groups with their teacher and a book/story at their current reading level. In a guided reading group students will practice reading strategies, build comprehension skills, practice phonics and decoding skills, and participate in fun activities to build their reading fluency.

IXL  Computer assisted reading and math practice.

Raz Kids  Computer assisted online leveled reading.

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