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Welcome to kindergarten! 

Teacher: Mrs. Amber Bender
Phone: 218-897-5272 ext. 125

In kindergarten we will be learning many things using many different programs.  Students will practice their literacy skills through the through Wonders literacy curriculum, math through the Ready Math curriculum, and science and social studies through supplemental instruction supplies.  

Mrs. Bender finds importance in play and learning social skills, manners, problem solving skills, and building relationships. An effort to nurture these skills is planned for each lesson taught in the kindergarten classroom.

Communication between parents and the teacher are welcomed and encouraged. Please always feel free to contact Mrs. Bender with any questions, concerns, or comments. Our children learn best when teachers and parents have a positive and healthy relationship!

About Mrs. Bender:
Teaching is my passion and I am so excited to share my love of learning with my students.

I spent two years in the Title 1 teaching position at the 
Northome School and this year is my eigth year in the kindergarten position.  I'm a Northome School graduate.

After high school I earned my Associate's degree at Itasca Community College, then transferred to Bemidji State University and completed my Bachelor's degree in elementary education.   I enjoy spending my free time with my 5 children and husband, reading books, baking desserts, and playing with my pets.

For extra help, students can meet with Mrs. Bender:          
Monday-Friday 8:00-8:25
  Or by any other appointment. Just contact Mrs. Bender smiley


Contact: Amber Bender
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