School Supply Guide

Kindergarten: Backpack, 2 folders, pencil box, erasers, 1- 12 pack (PLAIN) number 2 wooden pencils, glue sticks, scissors, crayons, 1 box of tissues to share. 

Grade 1: Crayons, pencils, wide-rule (spiral) notebook, erasers, one 2 pocket folder, school supply box, book bag, glue sticks, and one box of tissue to share. 

Grade 2: Crayons, pencils, erasers, wide-rule flat-edge notebook, backpack or book bag, scissors, glue, antibacteria wipes, and one box of tissue to share. 

Grade 3: Backpack, pencil box, wooden pencils, sharpener, chunky eraser, glue sticks, 24 pack or less crayons, one dry erase marker, scissors, one composition book, 1-2 boxes of tissues. 

Grade 4: #2 pencils, notebook paper, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, one box tissues to share, ruler, organizational notebook, notebook for journaling. 

Grade 5: Box of #2 pencils, erasers, crayons or colored pencils or markers, scissors, pencil case, three notebooks, wide-ruled filler paper, backpack, 1-2 boxes of tissues, highlighters, 1-2 glue sticks, small package assorted pens, 2-3 pocket folders, pencil sharpener (recommended). 

Grade 6: #2 pencils (no click pencils), five wide-ruled notebooks, one box of tissue. Optional supplies: scissors, glue, ruler, crayons, markers, colored pencils. 

FACS 7 & 8: pocket folder, pens/pencils 

Computers 7: - single subject notebook, pens/pencils 

Phy. Ed.: Grades K-4 - Tennis shoes (not boots or sandals) that do not leave marks on the floor and aren’t worn outside. Girls must wear tights, shorts or pants under dresses. 

Grades 5 - 12 - Tennis shoes that do not leave marks, shorts and T-shirt, (not tank tops or sleeveless shirts). As weather becomes cooler, students will need gloves or mittens and a stocking cap. Students will receive a combination lock. There is no rent for the lock unless they’re not returned, then a fee will be assessed. 

Geometry, Math: Notebook/folder designated for math class, preferably a spiral bound notebook with folder pockets. Students may check out the old calculators to take home. Everyone will be financially responsible for replacing their assigned calculator at the end of the year if it is damaged or lost UNLESS they bring their own and use it every day.

Mr. Johnson’s 7th grade class: The Minnesota approved calculator is the TI-30xs MultiView. Students will be provided one in class, but if families want to purchase one to use, they are approximately $15 or less online. Pencils and paper are also needed for class. 

Mr. Johnson’s Algebra II and Calculus class: The Minnesota approved TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus calculator will be provided in class. If families wish to purchase one, new is $115 but used can often be found for $30-$45. Smart phone apps are also available and range from Free-$4 max. Pencils and paper are also needed for class. 

German: A two-inch three-ring binder. 

English 7 & 8: Pencils, pens and one notebook for classroom assignments and a second notebook to be used as a journal that will be kept in the English Room. 

Science 7 - 12: Notebook designated for science. Ninth grade and chemistry/physics students will want a calculator. 

Grades 7 - 9, don’t forget about science projects! 

Ms. Fontana’s “Wish List”: Pencils, tissue, disinfectant wipes, notebooks, different colored folders, highlighters, scissors, glue. 

Last updated August 2018

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