3rd Grade Classroom      2019-2020

Although it may sound a little unusual for a third grader, this year our school focus/theme will be "Growing Our Knowledge, So We Can Go To College!"
We will identify the growth our students make in our typically tested subjects such as Reading, Math, and Science along with building our strengths in our social, emotional and physical beings.
We would like to recognize and celebrate the positive growth your child makes throughout the year!
I acknowledge the significant importance that families have in the process of educating their child and welcome you to also share with me the changes you may notice at home throughout the school year in the increasing competence of your student.
This will reinforce our partnership in helping your student become the best they can be!!!
I look forward to hearing from you often.
Email is convenient for me
You may also call, but may need to leave a message. 897-5275 ext.122
This should be an exciting year for all of us!

Welcome to 3rd Grade
To Contact me:

Ms Trina Bender
Room 103
(218) 897-5275 ext 122

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