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Meals and Homework Update

date 03/25/2020 author Corey White category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Over the past two days, Northome School has delivered 276 bags of food, 1104 cartons of milk and 552 containers of juice to our students and children around our community.  It takes a strong and well organized team to manage this task and I want to thank everyone involved from our kitchen staff to our teachers, paras and our drivers.  We will continue to provide this delivery service five days a week to help assist our students and families during this challenging time.  We will also start dropping off school work on Mondays and have a pick up date each Thursday for materials that need to be returned to school.  Again, Northome School will drop off work on Monday’s and pick up work on Thursdays.  Classroom teachers will let families know when to expect work to be dropped off and when the teacher would like it returned.  We will also have a drop box in our front entry that families can drop off books, school assignments during the regular school day five days a week.  If you have questions, please contact principal Jeremy Tammi at 218-897-5275 ext. 155—Thanks and have a great day!

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