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Meals/Homework Update

date 03/27/2020 author Corey White category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Northome school has delivered over 750 meals to our students and community families over the past week.  Many thanks to everyone that pitched in to support this effort.  On Monday, we will still provide meals for everyone that has signed up.  Our staff will take the upmost safety precautions while prepping, packing and delivering the meals.  We will also begin delivering school materials to students if they have been in contact with their teacher.  Please provide a dry container outside of your residence so our staff can securely place the learning materials in it.  I would also like to direct our families to take a look at the Northome School Website for each teacher’s individualized distance learning plan.  If you have questions regarding the distance learning plan, please feel free to contact the teacher directly with their contact information provided in the learning plan.  As always, feel free to contact Principal Tammi at 218-897-5275 Ext 155 if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  Thanks for listening and enjoy your weekend.

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