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Childcare Update

date 03/20/2020 author Corey White category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Wednesday afternoon, Governor Walz sent schools an updated list of essential employees that qualify for free childcare at Northome School during our regular school hours.  For those that qualify, the childcare service will be for students in Kindergarten through the age of 12.  Check our school website page and our facebook page for the Governor’s directive and to see if you qualify.  If you are interested in this service, please contact Principal Jeremy Tammi at 218-897-5275 Ext. 155. We received new information from Governor Walz that students in this program will receive transportation.  Again, students in this program will now receive transportation, and they will receive a free breakfast and lunch while at school.  If you are requesting transportation it might take a few days to set this up.  Please be patient. 

Care for Children of Families of Emergency Workers - full list 03.17.20

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